Kopi Luwak


Let’s get this done: yes, I had the coffee that is supposed to be the most expensive in the world, at least to my knowledge. But I have to admit, it wasn’t more expensive than a venti old something in a paper cup you get in a place with a green logo.

I found this baby on an airport somewhere on Java Indonesia on my flight to Sulawesi, which was delayed. It was not well advertised and it was surely expensive for the folks at the airport and pricey for a backpacker with a lot of to do things yet not done on the list as well. Anyway, one to do thing was to try it if I get the chance, and in this case I didn’t have to wait for a sponsor.

Coffee Luwak or as I call it “cat-shit-coffee” is made of coffeebeans that got eaten by an animal named palm civet (which is kind of catlike). It eats the coffeecherries and as it can’t digest the coffeebean it defecates it. The coffeebean gets collected and roasted as the other coffeebeans do, but due to having been in the civet’s intestines it was part of a fermentation process which is believed to have given it a special taste. This is quiet a process and had I known, that they do have farms for this nowadays, I would have thought twice about trying it.

It did taste really smooth and I celebrated this drink to the very last drop of it (well not exactly, because they prepare it turkish coffee style, so the coffee powder is still sitting on the bottom of this cup).

Anyway, given that everything else on this airport was served in plastic cups and this had its own nice porcelain cup made it still really special.


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