Coffee or Tea? – No need to decide!

This was quiet unusual, somewhere in the middle of Vientiane (Laos) I came across this little Café. It seemed to be a local chainlike company (I like to avoid chain companies, but my coffein infill was kind of low) and it was really interesting to see how a place like this is being accepted and run locally. It seemed to be popular with most of the higher middle class locals, there were a bunch of men with their kids proudly filming their every bite and a couple of women enjoying their coffee while their offspring feasted on pasta with tomatosauce. All really nicely dressed as if on a Sunday morning outing after church (although it was Tuesday for sure- well at least in my caledar!). Screaming kids or teenagers hanging out with their feet on the chairs – no where to be seen, as well as people pretending to work on their laptops although they are checking facebook for updates. They did have WLAN, but nobody seemed to use it – or to even care.

What I loved about this place: you get coffee with tea (but probably not the other way round)! Sure as Laos beeing part of Indochina and having had a fair share of French influence they might also have come across the fact that you’ll always get a glass of tabwater with your coffee in France. Since tabwater isn’t quiet the safest option in this country, but there is green, jasmin or padan leave tea always available on the tables in even the smallest local restaurants, they might have thought why not fill this in as our “glass of water” with the coffee. The coffee in it self was really good and strong, and it’s appearance has been checked by at least three staff members (or something unusual swam in it and they argued about whether to make a new one or not…).

Anyway if you can’t decide if you want coffee OR tea – go to Vientiane – they let you have it all if you order coffee 😉



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