Viet Nam 1: stinks like a.., but tastes like heaven

Somewhere in Hanoi in a side street stretching away from lake Hoan Kiem this little treasure is situated. It was my first coffee experience in Vietnam and looking at the menu I couldn’t quiet make up my mind until I saw those words: Durian coffee…

I was jetlagged I have to admit and I needed something to give me a kick as airplane coffee sucks big time and won’t be mentioned in this blog unless being drastically upgraded!

I guess you all know durian, the fruit you have to pay a lot of fine if you take it with you in public transport in Singapore, the fruit that basically smells like a.., that no one in Asia would want in the bus on a long ride (there are signs on almost every bus door, no matter how old this vehicle is), the fruit you smell from miles away before you see it, but after you accused your partner of farting.

BUT if you taste it, if you really manage to blend out the smell on its way in your mouth, it does taste like heaven! 

Yes, that one does come in a coffee now! And what can I say, I did accuse my partner of – well you guessed it right, just before the coffee was put down in front of me. Luckily we were sitting outside.

It was really delicious and the coffee did take away a tiny bit of the smell! 

So far I haven’t seen it on any other menu yet. Really amazing what this innocent, unspectacular looking cup of coffee had in it!


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