Viet Nam 2: ca phe sua chua – please put yoghurt in my coffee!

Viet Nam is one of the most inventive countries when it comes to coffee. And I am not speaking of the varieties achieved by adding syrup to it – no!

In Hanoi there is a local coffeshop chain called “Cong Caphe”, it is in a rustic retro military flair that you get to enjoy your coffee. The walls come in the same color as the uniforms of the police… If you sit outside on the stoop prepare for tiny chairs which more likely will fit in a doll’s house and don’t look like being made for oversized western butts.

Any way the coffee menu is great and I seriously considered staying here the entire day and drink my way through it, but due to my legs cramping up, I just made it to the yoghurt iced coffee. The yoghurt is at the bottom and it is one big batch, then there is coffee and on top a scoop of crushed ice. You can asked for a sugarsyrup to sweeten it, but it doesn’t need it at all. In the beginning I tryed to literally get the layers through my straw without mixing it too much, but in the end I just mixed it all up. It is actually like a small meal and a brilliant substitute for ice cream. 

But beware, if you drink it too fast, you’ll be in for a major brain freeze!


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