Viet Nam 3: there’s a raw baiser in my coffee!

Whether this creation was here before the French came, I don’t know. All I know is that coffee and egg go together quiet well. This is black coffee topped with beaten and sugared up egg. This topping is like a raw baiser, your spoon would basically float on it. BUT if you don’t like eggs or egg-taste, don’t order it, although the coffee mixes with the beaten egg eventually (after having moved my spoon in it frantically for about half an hour) you’ll still have a small hint of egg.

Those of you who lived long enough to know and love sugar-egg, this is the drink for you!

Where to get it? Hanoi is again the answer, my advise is: look up, there are amazing rooftop cafés. Their entrances are only indicated by small signs, that my first lead you through an antique or even clothes shop and then up a ladder-like staircase. Be aware that sometimes you have to order downstairs at a frontdesk like table, drinks will be brougt up for you though. And you can even get a decent beer in those cafés as well, so you don’t have to split up with your beer-loving half while enjoying the sunset.


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