Viet Nam 5: I want this at home – Coconut coffee – get your brain freeze NOW!

Look at this beauty – Coffee with Coconut! This is my absolute favourite, although there are quite a few versions. I had one where they simply put black coffee and coconut juice (of a young coconut) together, that was interesting, but a bit too watery for my taste. 

This one is basically black coffee with crushed ice, BUT there is coconut creme in it, sweetened, and you’ll get a bit of coconut meat as well. Soooooo good. Apparently there are a couple of ways to get there, but it might as well have been a language barrier thing and I understood it wrong. 

1. You can buy milk from and old coconut on the market and coconut meat in a semi dry, grated form as well, it is called copra I think, but I might be wrong. You mix those two things together and start squeezing it through your fingers, by holding a bunch of this mix in your left hand, putting two fingers of your right hand on top and squeeze! That’s the way the coconutmilk gets produced for the curries as well. You can add sugar syrup or sweetend condensed milk to sugar it up. Then mix it into your coffee

2. Just buy coconut creme readily made in a can, there is a version you use for deserts, that’s it, here you can add sweetened condensed milk as well.

Add it to the crushed ice and in the coffee as well, mix it together enjoy.

I’m pretty sure there are a lot ways to Rome, well in this case to coconut coffee.

I had the best in a local roastery in Hoian. They have a dairy and a non-dairy version. I don’t know about the dairy version, but the non-dairy was a delight. Try it! But be warned it is addictive and if you can’t pace yourself, you’ll be in for a major brain freeze!


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