Viet Nam 7: Saigons coffee brewing laboratory

This is a really crazy place, situated in Saigon. Boy, do they love coffee – I mean I never got to choose with which devise my filter coffee will get prepared.

In the menu were short descriptions about the devises at hand and whether it was possible to get a cold or a warm coffee. I opted for the so called “woodneck” where the freshly grinded coffee (I chose a Vietnamese bean – yes, there is a selection of beans to chose from as well) got filtered with a cloth filter.


Out came this lovely tasting glas of cold coffee. It tasted great, although I have to admit that the whole process to get to it was the experience, I mean I’ve never been in a coffeeshop where the menu wrote about coffee the way it normally does display wine. Sure you can have a good old cappuccino, but who wants to have that! Go there celebrate your coffee-preparation. It’s called #The Workshop and you’ll find a small sign at the entrance where you have to climb up a really atmospheric staircase. Yes, it is pricey, but this time you really get a coffee made with love and care – and they do have good looking (and I heard tasting)  western food as well.

It is probably the wrong place to mix with locals, but if you have some work to do or simply want to stare out of the big windows, that’s the place.


As I dug more into this sort of coffee brewing I came across the “3rd wave coffee”, movement, also called the “3rd coffee revolution”. Google it if you are interested – a hint: “software is more important than hardware”



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