Dutch coffee -don’t go into coffeeshops to get it

First of all, don’t go to coffeeshops in order to get decent coffee in The Netherlands, what you’ll get there – well, you can see for yourself once you are there and up for an adventure. If you are a minor (and that means younger than 18): forget about getting in there…

But let’s focus on the coffee or as they call it koffie. Dutch people seem to love their koffie (which is pronounced just like the English word), there is no buisness without a coffeemachine for their workers and in some supermarkets, you’ll get one for free!

The love for coffee might come from the historic fact, that the Dutch were the first to smuggle a coffee seedling out of Yemen (which used to have the monopoly for coffee-trade and taking seedlings out of the country was forbidden by law  – death sentence was the penalty. The plant itself originally traced back to Ethopia, but this is another story…) in order to try and cultivate coffee in their botanical garden that could be taken out and cultivated big time in their colonies. Yes, they were succesful eventually and there was always coffee in The Netherlands. (Check VOC or EIC on the internet and you’ll get details).

BUT it is really hard to find a cup of decent coffee in Amsterdam, yes, there are cafés on basically every corner, but the best Café Latte they come up with tastes like milk with a tiny drop of coffee, or maybe even coffeeflavour – who knows? It is really watered down…

So I was really amazed when I came across this lovely place right in the middle of the city center, just behind the Nieuwe Kerk close to the Palace. A tiny place with a sign “Brazil” on the outside and really nice and strong coffee in the inside. After having been in Amsterdam a lot of times I finally found coffee that looks nice and tastes really good!

So don’t despair, if you’ll find yourself in my position look for this place and you will be rewarded with a nice coffee which does taste like coffee indeed!




  1. The dutcht still think that coffee is a black powder – I’m quite astonished that you fin one obviosly made of real beans.


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