“Irish”-Coffee: for your garden…

I love Ireland, especially their coach-drivers who have the most amazing sense of humour which they apparently love to share.

That said, I came across a really amazing coffee here in Ireland: no, not Irishcoffee – coffee for your garden. Besides having had a variety of coffee here, unfortunately none of them stuck out (and I have to admit, I was really short of time and couldn’t look around properly), I came across a basket of free coffee! Not only was it free, no it was free from a company normally charging you millionaires prices for a large-non-fat-tripple-decaf-well-you-know-what-I-mean… – I totally didn’t expect that! I haven’t seen this anywhere at all so far!

I really do like the idea and I do hope people take advantage of it and maybe some other cafès follow (of course it doesn’t make sense to do it in an area where no one has a garden), because it is a great way of recycling!

So here you go – pick your “Irish”-ground-coffee for the garden – to go (well, take away) -, make your garden smell good before the flowers are out!






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