Looking at Thailand while having coffee with springrolls

What to do on a hot and sunny day in a border town in Laos?

Sure you can try the streetfood – and you should, but that is best done during nightfall when the market place fills up with carts selling the most amazing things.

But there is a small Café in a side street which looks kind of out of place, but has it all. Especially the most amazing Laos Black Cold Coffee. The interior is a well done fusion of industrial and vintage chique. And the snacks, cake or coffee they serve are of exeptionally high qualitiy. Try the fresh springrolls those looked like sushi when they hit the table.

This is not a place to hang out with the locals, but it popped out of the other quiet touristy border places and screamed: Get in here! Well – I can’t resist a direct invitation especially if it is attached to an ice cold strong black coffee made with Laos beans (which I tried to find on the Bolaven Plateau, but unfortunately no one on the market places had some to offer, I guess they all went straight into the giant coffee-factories that were build in the middle of nowhere).

Find this charming Café and sit down for a bunch of springrolls with really good black iced coffee while looking at the market place getting ready for dinner and having Thailand staring over from across the river.

Laos coffee.JPG



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