The warm-icecold-coffee-way…

If you are living in an area where the winter is long (only cold and wet in my case, not necessarily snowy) and the sun will go down at 4:00 p.m. coming up again at around 9 a.m. if at all, than you really long for springtime to finally arrive.

Most people not living in an area like this (or even worse…) don’t understand why one would like to get a kidneyinflammation or worse while having coffee outide in the sun at 5 degrees. And why so many people are actually risking this (no, it’s defenitely not the phenomenon: we have a health insurance and we are going to use it, because we payed for it!) – once the sun is out after a long , dark, grey and wet winter – you’ll see almost every local sitting outside having tea, coffee or a beer once the sun is out!

You have to do it yourself, after being confined to the warm surroundings of your apartment, looking out of the window and realizing that it is too dark out there to actually see something, nothing will taste better than that warm coffee in the first rays of spring sunlight while sitting outside in 5 degrees.

Once the first rays of sun comes out time will stop and literally everyone working or not working, will run out in order to find an “icecold” place outside in the sun in order to have a warm coffee to enjoy it the warm-icecold-coffee-way.


The mood of the entire city changes on those days – so if you happen to call a company based in the North on the first days of spring-sun-shine, no one will answer – as we are all busy having our long awaited warm-icecold-coffee in the sun at 5 degrees while risking a kidneyinflammation…, it’s our very flexible “National Holiday”- try it: it’s worth the risk (and anyway, we pay for our health insurance – so why not use it once in a while…)


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