The deadline coffee

Ever been there, I guess: yes! Basically the work is done, it just needs a quick check and then it is off, just in time. Well the quick check turns out to be a rather long one, layout doesn’t work the way you want it, the formerly turned off autocorrect turned itself on again, automatically turning your carefully formulated sentences into a hot mess and to top it off… another important idea just crossed your mind which needs to be incorporated in this hot mess.

This is when you definitely need the “deadline coffee”, and not only the cafeine in it, but as well everything to go with it. YES you heard right, the deadline coffee will most likely have everything on it which the Café has on its style-your-coffee-bar … don’t be picky, you’ll need it all – well not the pepper, but a bit of salt sure does give it an extra umpf!

Get one of those and you’ll be done and push send in no time – so it seems, although in reality it’ll be at least 2 hours and 3 missed work dates later…


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