Italy 1: Espresso on the platform

I happen to have the chance to do a small mediterranean roundtrip, covering Italy’s west coast, Sicily, Malta, Spain and France. In cases like this I only have espressi, as they are found on every corner and are really inexpensive and also part of the lifestyle at at least 4 of those destinations.

Arriving at the airport trainstation of Malpensa I found the first pleasant surprise:


MIlano Espressomaschine

I don’t know what the locals think about it, but finding a coffeemachine on a platform selling espresso amongst other things with coffeebeans being grinded on the spot, was just an absolutely new sight for me.

One of those espressi sets you back 0,80 € and you even get a discount when paying with card.

After having had many bad coffee experiences at airports and trainstations, this baby was the first really pleasant surprise and the perfect welcome to Italy after having gotten up at 3 a.m. in the morning to catch my flight.

When you happen to find yourself waiting for the train and need an inexpensive eye-opener in order to get all the sightseeing done: try it!



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