Italy 2: Designespresso

Who wouldn’t like to make his espresso in those beauties. You can say what you want, but those cute espresso cookers are the best thing to have for a camping trip or on a I-still-need-my-own-coffee-backpacker-trip. And finally you can buy something really usefull at an airport! Not that I did – my kitchen is full, but my fingers really started to itch!

I really love those little ones and the espresso they make is really nice as well (okay, it does as well depend on the beans you use).

But whoever gets to Malpensa first and still needs a nice souvenir for the kitchen or for an espresso loving friend – this might be a really nice thing to bring along. What would be more typical to bring back from Italy besides all the local food you already stashed in your suitcase 😉 and those beauties will last longer than the proscuitto in your bag!


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