Italy 3: There is no bad espresso in Italy – I guess

I’ve been to Italy a few times and if there is one thing I can sign so far is: there is no bad espresso in Italy… – at least I haven’t found one yet. Of course they do vary in taste (and price), but it is always a very high standard in a small cup!

In Rome I experienced a special espresso-price-scheme: drinking espressso at the bar is the cheapest option, drinking espresso inside at a table with service is middle range and having an espresso outside you pay even more. I haven’t experienced this in any other city. Maybe I was just lucky…

You can get espresso on every corner (and of course there is cappuccino as well, but this is mostly for breakfast). So no need to go back to the hotel for a nap while sightseeing – just go into one tabacchi-kiosk or in a chique restaurant whatever suits you best and have one of those little black drinks with the perfect crema out of those really nice and shiny espresso-machines. Forget about the energy drinks – this is the real stuff! And by the way, I didn’t see one of those full automatic coffee-machines in any of those places – maybe that’s the secret – think about it…

Savona Espresso


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