Malta: hopefully the British coffee won’t follow the letterboxes…

Malta used to be part of the British Empire and only was declared independent in 1964 (as far as I know – you better check that before citing it!). Since I wasn’t there before this time I really can’t judge the espresso from the British era, but I guess if it was anything like it is in Britain right now – I haven’t had missed a thing!  Nowadays it’s nowhere near the English “coffee”, but more towards the Italian style. The ones I had even made me think that even a bit of Arabic influence could be tasted in it as it is really strong almost a bit burned, but not much acid in it – good roast of  beans, I guess, as well as maybe a bit of heritage from the Arabs who have been here around 900 and as you probably know, coffee – although originated in Ethiopa, was traded by Yemenits around 600 and made its way across the Arabic region and maybe even made its way to Malta with the Arabs.

It seems to me that the Maltese love their espresso basically as much as the Italians do theirs. It is not really expensive and you can get it everywhere as well. Try the small cafés in the side streets – there was one near the shipwreck-church which had a really good one!

Malta Espresso.JPG

But one thing really frightens me: while walking around Valletta I noticed a few British assets that might have escaped Britain in order to find a new place to live before Brexit really hits, they do look quiet pictoresque here…

Valetta Briefkasten.jpg

But what would happen if British coffee would hit Malta – again?

For the sake of all inhabitants and tourists – don’t let the British coffee in, maybe for vacation, but not as a permanent resident – please – stick to the Maltese espresso!


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