France: I love me an espresso-dipped-croissant

Apparently the French do like their espressi strong as well, but with a lot more acidity in taste. Sometimes I even have the feeling that the beans they use are really roasted beyond the dark brown point as you can taste in the espresso which mostly really has a burned note as well. At first I thought it might be a regional “problem”, but I’ve had it in various regions now and I guess unless I happen to find  only those cafés serving strong-acidity-almost-burned espresso by coincidence, it must be just what the French might prefer. Although it is not my favourite cup of tea – well, espresso, I’ve seen and had worse (especially at airports and in trains).

Although there is one point to take into consideration: the espresso fits perfectly to the croissant and if you dip this one in it, it gives you a well balanced espresso-croissant for breakfast! You would probably get frowned at doing it, but I don’t mind – it is the perfect match! Try it, when in France, it’s worth getting frowned upon while doing it, because the taste will make you forget the people around you! But be sure to rip apart your croissants to the tiny cup-fitting-bits only over the plate or the basket otherwise you’ll leave a major croissant-crumbs-war-zone around you and that really would earn you frowns – a lot of them!

Marseille Epresso


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