Viet Nam 8: wait… there was something more… coffeeboat-drive-by-shops!


How could I forget!!!

Not only is Viet Nam a country where you get the most amazing coffee creations I had so far, but you’ll get them anywhere at any time so it seems. We were in the Mekong Delta and wanted to visit the floating markets. Our hotel-owner knew a close relative who would do the dour with us, but his English – so she said – was none existant. She showed us the tour on a selfdrawn map and offered to inform him of what we wanted to see. We agreed on a deal and asked her when it is best to start in the morning: get up early, meet 4:30 was the prompt answer. Nooooooooooo! It’s our vacation! But when we learned one thing from travelling then it’s listen to the locals, if you negotiate towards a 6 o’clock pick up time (which is really easy), you’ll most likely have missed something (think about that before complaining on one of those rating webpages about not having seen something – it’s most likely your fault)!

Needless to say, there will be no coffee at our wake up time – coffee on the boat at the market was our information, that was at least a glimpse of hope we could live by! We knew the market would be a 2 hour boat ride to get there, but alright – at least there was coffee mentioned.

We were picked up at the mentioned time, and while walking in the dark towards the pier, I saw the first pop-up-coffee stalls getting into business, but was just too tired to slow things down in order to get one. After climbing down the side of the pier to get to an obviously illegal “parked” boat, we started our trip. It turned out that our guide was sufficient enough in speaking English that we got all the information we needed and as far as I figured out, he was eager for a coffee as well. And to top it off, he lived on one of the markets on a boat and knew exactly where to go and when and what to look for. We had coffee on a boat at 5 o’ clock in the morning, freshly made on another boat just floating along ours! A coffeeboat drive by service – so cool!

It was strong, hot and delicious, but honestly, we didn’t expect anything less than that of a local coffee after being in Viet Nam for nearly three weeks. Needless to say, that it wasn’t the last one of the day, the coffee kept coming the entire boat ride long! And don’t forget to buy at least one for your captain as well – he might even need it more than you, because he got up earlier than you for sure!



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