London again – shocking news: apparently there is more good coffee!

As I was heading down Fleet Street early in the morning and found myself near the Royal Courts of Justice, I stumbled across this:


I mean I do look right all the time, what an offense, but as I took action and actually “looked” right – guess what I saw:


Thanks London for pointing out this sight to me: I figured a café with this sign is worth a try – and so I did. It was really busy in the morning with all the workers meeting up for pre-meeting or to catch up on recent office gossip before hitting it again. But the smell was right and the espresso brewer looked good to me.

Apparently soya milk is not that big in London right now, you can get it though, but what they do offer a lot is almond milk which seems to be the “thing” – honestly- it is tasty – try it!

And yes, again I was amazed that my prejudices were challenged once more, because I did get a fantastic coffee there!

Plus side for all the jetlagged ones: they do open weekdays at 6:30 a.m. which makes it a nice destination for the early jetlag morning stroll, but don’t expect it to be one of those I sit 10 hours and drink one coffee places, this is a worker’s café if you know what I mean and I do love it for this vibe!


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