The simple joy of a simple vacation coffee…

Sometimes the simple things in life count more than anything else. Sometimes you don’t need foamed milk, sprinkles or Ethiopian coffee-beans. Sometimes you have vacation and the place where you are just makes the taste. 

Have you ever been in a place where you maybe have had the worst food ever, but somehow didn’t mind, because the atmosphere was just right?

That’s just what vacation coffee is like, it’s like the bad coffee you have at an airport before going to your favorite place and you just don’t mind the taste of it, because you are occupied with already being there – maybe this is why they serve bad, overpriced coffee at the airport…?

This is the way to my favorite kind vacation coffee:

1. Browse the local grocery store and take the most appealing pack of ground coffee with you (or whole beans if you know you have something to grind them with), even more perfect would be stumbling across a local coffee-roaster

2. Go to the kitchen and brew it – with whatever you have… and if you need your stockings to sift it through – then be it that way!

3. Add milk, sugar or whatever it is you like it with – yes alcohol can be an option as well

4. Go outside – it’s raining? Sit at the fireside – you don’t have one, well then go outside anyway! There will be something to shield you from the rain! The coffee will keep you warm!

5. Enjoy!!!

Remember this time it is not the coffee that has to be perfect, it is all about the the things that’ll surround you at that particular vacation moment! 


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