I blame some place in Asia for this coffeeshake!


I really don’t know where it was exactly, but I for sure was cameraless, so it must have been somewhere between a water adventure and my accomodation.

Somewhere in Asia, that’s for sure, I stumbled across a banana-coffee-shake. As always when I am on vacation I need to try new things, and this sure was a new thing for me, I love coffee, I do like bananas and I surely fancied something cold and liquid at this time.

Let me tell you, this was great, alhough the coffee was instant for sure and they put sugar sirup in it and two of those tiny sweet bananas (wait, why did they put sugar sirup in it then…), ice-cubes and a bit of condensed – I guess sweetend (again why was there sugar sirup in it?)- milk. It was really good, creamy cold and just enough to keep you satisfied till dinner in the heat of the day.

I remembered this when I was back home and there was nothing left than a banana, coffee, soya milk and some ice in the freezer. I put it all in a blender and there it was again, the vacation feeling, although my mind really draws a blank on where I had it first… it could have been Vietnam, but instant coffee doesn’t sound like them. So it has to be Thailand, but although they have quite the fruitjuice mixes, they aren’t that keen on coffee…, or was it Laos, back in Vang Vieng, I mean they can sell anything to those stoned people there… (no, I wasn’t stoned!)… maybe I need to travel back there to restrace my footsteps and finally get back to the place where I had it first.


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