Gin Tonic was yesterday – try Tonic-Espresso!

No that’s not a pint of Guinness gone wrong in colour at the bottom! This is my new favourite mixture for the summer: a Tonic-Espresso!

A Tonic-Espresso? Yikes! Well – no- actually not! It tastes really refreshing and with the sweet bitterness of the tonic the espresso is nicely supplemented, but not hidden in taste. Those two go actually really well together. If you don’t like bitter, you can experiment around which tonic goes well with your choice of espresso. There is a bunch of different ones out there and everyone not only has a different lable, they do taste different as well!

And if summer is just a thing indicated in your calendar, but not the reality when you look out of your window – make yourself a little summer-adventure in a glas – go for it: just pour an espresso in a glas of tonic and ice, be careful it’ll foam up immensely if you do it too fast. 

And please don’t use straws to drink it – unless they are reusable, think about the environment!


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