Galapagos: good expensive coffee, but you have to share!

As I mentioned the Queen of coffee in Ecuador seems to be the chocolate…, but here on Galapagos you can stumble across really nice local coffee. It is expensive as heck, but apparently almost everything is – except for langoustines. And if you are lucky, you’ll find a nice café, with locally roasted coffee and a good coffee machine as well as outdoor seating with tables in the shade.

This one was the best coffee I had in Ecuador so far, hard to beat.

And while I was sitting under a tree in lovely 28 degrees, a fresh breeze running through my hair and my thoughts still at the current adventures that we had when suddenly my focus shifted to my really nice mocchachino only to realize that those birds here are really fearless and apparently caffeinaddicted as well. What else could you do than to share your share with another addict?


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