Getting stuck is not too bad @ Bogota airport – Colombian Coffee

Sorry, there is no picture this time, but I guess you all know what a coffee looks like which comes in a paper cup at an airport.

But I found THE airport coffee, I was contemplating whether to write about airport coffee at all, because so far they all were pretty much disappointing (besides the Coffee Luwak I had) and totally overpriced. Well not in Bogota: we got stuck here for 8 hours. We actually wanted to go to the city, but due to a late arrival, a massive non-moving body of people at the imigration counters and only 6 hours left (we didn’t know then that our next flight would be delayed as well), we decided to stick it out at the airport.

We found a nice looking place, no tables, no seats, but a lot of locals coming through here and buying take away.  This place smelled of coffee., good coffee. And I am not talking about this huge place with the famous Colombian coffee name, where all the tourists fill up on coffee plus souvenirs – NO, just a tiny little place at the other end of Bogota airport, Terminal 1. We only had US-Dollars, which they luckily took and I got myself a huge coffee for 2 Dollars, which as a European is something like a worldwonder, normally you pay at least double the amount for a medium (bad) coffee at an airport.

I sat down opposite the shop at the gate and inhaled the aroma – really good – I mean this is Colombia, it has amazing coffee (so does Ecuador, but there it was hard to find). This one was really good, and suddenly those 5 hours we had left at this airport lightened up a lot. It was a dark roast which seems to be the one fancied around here.

Colombia wins my price for best airport coffee in the world so far… (and this place had nice sandwiches as well!).


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