Panama got me thinking about a New Year‘s resolution for airports…

I currently know no one who really enjoys sitting in an airplane for a long time (except those maybe who might have the necessary change to afford business class or better). And I do prefer to be THERE after a long leg of flying and not to sit around another airport and wait for another plane to board.

But I do have to admit, good coffee makes waiting at airports a lot better. That said: Dear Europe and Northern America, please take a look at (most) of your airport coffees and make it your New Years resolution to really get on a way better coffee level! It wouldn’t hurt to play a bit with the prices as well (in FAVOUR of the customer of course).

As you can guess, I did like the americano at Panama City Airport. And besides this airport is so nice, relaxed and rather small, that it didn’t feel like an airport, though it wouldn’t hurt to play with the price of the coffee there as well 😉


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