How to make your vacation last longer… and not to sweep too much dust

Do you know this feeling you get when you are in a place you really want to remember forever and you try desperately to find a little token, a souvenir you want to take home with you? And after you have been on several trips, your souvenir collection grows and becomes an entire new collection: a collection of dust? Let’s face it, we all don’t probably like to sweep dust. So what do you do?

Well just take something with you, that’ll remind you of your vacation for just a few month more after you touched home base and maybe it should as well be something that won’t make you being treated like a criminal when going through customs at the airport.

In my case coffee is the solution. I do like going to various supermarkets when I am abroad, just to see what is available there and what strikes me as unusual. But buying fresh fruit, milk-products or meat is out of the question – the custom guys will have a field-day when you bring those in, but your vacation will be over in an instant and your budget kind of overstretched when facing the fines.

I informed myself about what I am able to bring back and stumbled across coffee beans (this might not be true for your country though, better check yourself!). Roasted of course! This is perfect, as you might have figured out: I love coffee! Coffee tastes different in each country, because of the water it is made with or the way it is roasted or treated before roasting it. So you won’t have the same taste experience when brewing the same coffee you had in your vacation at home (it is kind of the same when taking a red wine you loved back to your home and are disappointed when opening it up, because it does not taste the same – different reasons though!).

I still love to take coffeebeans home with me, mostly those I find in a supermarket or on a farmers market (the best ones I got from an old lady somewhere in Indonesia). I never know what I’ll get and there have been cases where the coffee tasted, well not like coffee at all back home. So it always is a post-vacation surprise when brewing coffee with my vacation beans back at home.

Those from the package above were really nice, dark roasted, really strong and just the perfect way to enjoy my vacation a tiny bit longer…


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