No it’s not the coffee this time, I got distracted by tea!

I was just watching this order getting prepared. Which apparently didn’t go unnoticed by the waiters – probably my mouth was open and my forehead wrinkled in disbelieve… (glad there is no picture of that moment!)

As I didn’t know what was being prepared I was most amazed of what happend: the weighing of the tea leaves, the heating of water (with a thermometer) and then the entire putting together the stuff in a syphon kind of thing… I mean it looked like I was in a science experiment.  Out came a liquid that somehow resembled a very light beer.

nitrogen tea Saigon

Well, the waiter most definitely had noticed my disbelieving stare. He came up to me (after he served the order to the other guests) and asked me if I would like to sample this – whatever it was…

Of course I wanted to sample it, but what was it? Nitrogen – Oolong! Ah – okay ?!

To be honest, it tasted good and really refreshing, it was indeed on the creamy side due to the foam on top of it. But I heard people afterwards say, that nitrogen tea tastes as creamy as tea with cream – well, I guess I’m not joining this side! This is like comparing apples with pears or the statement that froglegs as well as crocodile taste like chicken… But I guess it would be really interesting to see if you could “nitrogenise” the entire tea-with-cream and if this would turn out even beyond creamy then!



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