Finding the best coffee in a new place you call home

There are many places where you simply know where to find the coffee you love. But whatabout when you move and suddenly you don’t know where to turn to for just having a good cup of coffee.

In a way the minute decision of ‘Oh I’ll just have a quick cup’ becomes a mere odyssee and might end up with you having either the worst coffee (because there was nothing else around), the best coffee (that just happened in Rome and Cuenca so far) or no coffee at all (because time’s up and you need to move on!). Sure you can google for the best coffee, but those opinions are just subjective (so is mine by the way). But I simply decided to take my time, walk around and pick a place I was attracted to, the only rule no franchises or chain cafés.

This coffee was really smooth and matching the color of the table in a way that I had to ask myself: was it per accidend or was it a really good interior designer 😉 As much as I liked the place, I missed the real coffee taste, I mean I really want to have a coffee taste in my cappuccino and not just the color of it.


I loved this one, beans were from a local roastery and a middle dark roast. Besides this place offers discounts for people bringing their own mugs when they want one to take away! And it was one of the rare non-fruity coffee beans ( I really dig the chocolade-earth-nut nuances, not the red-fruit ones, which do have a lot of acid around here).


The best company and a rather good coffee I found in this tiny backyard in the middle of the city. It is definitely the company that steels the show in this place!


There are a lot more of places I need to walk to, and I do hope I’ll find one which is a bit closer to where I live and has what I want. But sometimes you need to make some effort to get to the things you fancy or you simply have to make your favorite coffee at home!