Having a good summer – hope you do as well!

Although this summer seems to be the first where I actually look forward to having some rain, it is as well one of the nicest ones I had while staying at home. Well, not really at home, because otherwise I couldn’t tell you about a nice iced coffee latte I had in Den Haag. You know how in the Netherlands almost every city has one of these city-squares with loads of restaurants or pubs and huge outside sitting areas. This café was actually located on exactly one of those squares. I really hesitated to go in there, because for me prominent city squares with a lot of restaurants instantly sound like: “tourist-rip-off-guaranteed!”

But then I saw a bench, not only was it a bench, it was a massive swing, it belonged to the café, it was in the shadow and no one was on it! Perfect! I don’t know whether it was that I expected absolutely nothing or if they acutally delivered something really tasty, but although I thought that I was somehow sitting in a major tourist trap, I got a really nice iced coffee, strong (not usually the case in NL) and cold on a swinging bench, in the shade!

I guess, maybe that is how they do it here and big prominent city squares are not instantly a big tourist rip off in The Netherlands.