Pitstop coffee…

While being on the road in Germany I know that I should keep my hands off of coffee served at pitstops or various petrol stations along the highway. The only exception is if a certain coffee chain is present and I’m not talking about a golden “M” involved nor a part of the name being something you can see in the sky at night.

While having been pleasantly surprised in Italy a year ago, I thought why not try the same in France. I mean French do like their coffee as well and they most certainly care for food. The first warning sign should have been the waitress not understanding me when I ordered a “café lungo” which was part of the menu with exactly this name. Yes, and the Italian name for a coffee in France should have been another warning sign. Anyway I needed a coffee, we still had 400 km to go.

Cafè Lungo

What I finally got was not looking bad at all (I’m not judging the ambience of this place, which is an entire different story. This might have been another warning sign if I think of it right now). It started off really promising: The coffee tasted like coffee which was really pleasant, but the more you drank of it the less the coffee taste was present.

Lesson of the day: if you need coffee at a pitstop, choose espresso, as this might be the only good option and you can down it with one gulp. And you better buy it at the vending machine, way cheaper and the same quality.