Oatmilk – seriously?

Normally when there is no milk-substitute in sight, I drink my coffee black or I’ll just have an espresso, but having learned that the place I currently live in simply loves the acidity kind of coffee (redfruit/darkfruit notes – if I want that I’ll have a good glas of redwine), I choose to have my coffee at places where I know they have those plant-based milks which take away a tiny bit of the acidity in the coffee.

This time I tried oatmilk, I always wondered how this might taste and I must say, it reminded me of a thing called Caro-coffee, which was a coffee made from malt that I used to drink occassionally as a kid: oatmilk + coffee = maltcoffee? No not really, it is still way better.


The smell is like putting your nose in a granola paket which is kind of nice, but always reminds me of breakfast. But as with almond milk, the creamines you have with normal milk and some kinds of soya milk simply isn’t there. But it does take away the acidity taste of the coffee (boy, they really do love coffee-beans with a redfruit/darkfruit note which my tastebuds don’t enjoy – I love the earthy-nut-chocolate note).


So this time the cup-announced coffee prophecy was more like a pleasant optional-milk-surprise. I do know now, that I would always opt for oatmilk if the coffee is a fruity acidity one and there is no soya-milk on the menu.

Side note:

I just came back from a grocery store, where I stumbled across oatmilk. I read the ingredients (and I do know they vary by brand, but in this case I knew it was the stuff I had in my coffee the other day). Among those I found “rapeseed oil”, seriously!!! I guess I might consider trinking my coffee black again…